Let’s Talk About Emily

Emily, the main character of The Green Bayou Novels, needs a post dedicated just to her, so here it is.  I’ve had many people comment about Emily’s character.  Most people love her, but there are some out there who don’t get her–and that’s fine.  But, I want to explain my motivation behind some things.

Emily seems to have the best of everything.  She lives in a plantation house, is attractive and outgoing, doesn’t have money issues, and draws attractive men like moths to a flame.  Well, being that my books are written in first person, I thought it would be fun to have readers put themselves in a situation where they can pull out of the trudgery of everyday life (trying to make the paycheck stretch, keeping the house running, getting the kids to school, etc.) to sort of live vicariously through Emily.  Being that Emily has it all, does that make her ditsy or shallow?  Not at all.  If you read the books, you’ll see that she has very real issues.

In Going Home, readers are just starting to get familiar with Emily’s character.  By the end, there is no doubt that all of the money in the world isn’t going to make Emily’s problems go away.  What she experiences changes her forever.  She develops deep insecurities and major trust issues.  To make matters worse, as soon as she picks herself up and dusts off, she gets slammed again.  If Emily’s character was a dark soul to begin with, then the story just as well end with the first book.  Without a doubt, she’d probably opt to kill herself or someone else…The End.  But, no matter how horrible things get, no matter what challenges are thrown her way, there’s an eternal light that shines within Emily’s soul.  It dims, but it never goes out.  That’s what I love about her character.  She’s not a quitter.  She takes it on the chin and keeps getting up to fight another day.

Emily is known to be quite sarcastic and playful.  Think Cameron Diaz and Christina Applegate in The Sweetest Thing combined with Lucy and Ethel of I Love Lucy and you have Emily and Connie.  For the most part, all of the characters are very comfortable around each other and have their own little inside jokes.  For instance, Bert’s relationship with Emily.  They constantly pick on each other, but if anyone dares to hurt Emily, Bert’s all over it.  He looks after her because there is a mutual sibling-type love between the two of them that really develops throughout Awakenings.  

     Emily’s relationship with her parents is probably one of my favorites!  It’s not until Awakenings that Celeste and Don come into their own.  This family never has a conversation with each other, they talk through each other.  It’s quirky, but it also goes to show how well they truly know each other.  Emily may complain when they come to visit, but she’s secretly relieved to have her parents around.  What irks Emily is that her mother knows exactly what Emily’s thinking, feeling, or doing.  She can never pull the wool over Celeste’s eyes.  Don…well Don just goes with the flow.

What’s the deal with Emily and Roberta?  If there’s anyone who can grate on Emily’s nerves, it’s Roberta.  Heck, given a choice between the two, Emily would prefer to spend the day with Alphonse!  Emily’s issues with Roberta start with the first book and continue to escalate in future books.  Emily didn’t start out with the intention of despising Roberta, Robert provoked it.  It just goes to show that Emily’s human.  She might forgive, but she doesn’t forget and even light-hearted Emily has a limit to how much she’ll take.

Well, that’s a little insight into Emily’s character.  She is constantly evolving and changing because her life circumstances.  But, she will always be sarcastic, she will always be fun-loving when things are going well, and she’ll always defend and value the people she loves.  It’s just who she is.

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I am the author of The Green Bayou Novels Series. My books are based around Paramedic Emily Boudreaux and follow her return to small town life in South Louisiana. The books offer a little something for everybody: romance, adventure, suspense, comedy, and drama.
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2 Responses to Let’s Talk About Emily

  1. Denise Raburn says:

    YES, Emily needed a post dedicated to her! She is a very inspirational character. It seems like she is okay with her flaws, she is so far from fake. She admits when she is scared, she is very funny and I swear I can just see her rolling her eyes at certain people!! LOL… she is a wonderful, good woman. I really love her.

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