Awesome Aussie Author–Karlene Blakemore-Mowle Visits



I am so thrilled to have had the opportunity to interview Karly!!  She is an amazing author who also writes under the name Karly Lane.

Hi there, Karly!  Tell us, how did you get into the writing business?

I’ve always written stories for as long as I could remember. I started writing once my second child started school- with absolutely no idea what I was doing. I wrote my first complete manuscript but after it was rejected by mills and book I then became preoccupied with having more children and didn’t start writing again until six years ago. I have since moved on from Mills and Boon!

In Operation Summer Storm and Operation Willow Quest, a group of US Marines  play a major role.  What motivated you to use them in your story?

I had a scene in my head of a woman who was completely out of her element in a jungle- that was it-the entire basis of my story! I then wondered, what would a woman like that be doing in a jungle in the first place? Who would she be with? From there I decided I would need a hero with some kind of military background (having always had a soft spot for anything military) and going through my options realized the one best suited to the number of characters and situations I wanted them in, was a unit of US Recon Marines. Besides- I couldn’t get much information about Australia’s own Special forces the SAS, and back when I began writing it, my internet skills were extremely limited. So Marines it was and I have to say –I have a BIG soft spot for Marines to this day!   (Who doesn’t!! Especially the guys she writes about!!)


Your female characters are strong, yet have certain vulnerabilities about them (traits that I really admire).  Do you find it difficult to maintain this balance?

Not really- I think once you establish your character you just follow what she’d do naturally. I think it comes from really knowing who your character is inside out so you know how she’d react in certain situations.


Fallout was recently released (and was so incredibly good)!  Is there a particular scene or character that stands out as your favorite?

I loved my Fallout characters. Jake Holden was a great hero to write and Tully was probably my most challenging. She was a bit of a tough cookie, but it was that tough exterior but vulnerable inside that I wanted to capture without making her too hard and untouchable. I loved the chemistry between these two but I’m not sure I can choose just one scene I like the most… maybe Jake in the outdoor shower scene????   (I second that!! )

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?  Any hobbies we should know about?

I’m so lucky to live in a place with so many different environments so close. I’m not a beach person but I have the coast and beach on one side, I have farmland and rivers on another and then only  a few minutes away there is a pocket of rainforest that is absolutely breathtaking. So it really depends on our mood and what we feel like doing but my very favourite thing to do is to head up into  farm land to go kayaking with a BBQ and my family on the river.   (Sounds very similar to Louisiana.  Lots of farmland and water!)


 What’s next for you?

I have my Australian publisher releasing two novels this year one in May and another in December. I write for them under Karly Lane and write rural fiction set in small Australian towns. For my Karlene Blakemore-Mowle books, I’m working on book three of my Operation series where Chase Maloney from Operation Summer Storm and Operation Willow Quest gets his own story, followed by book Four, where Tupper the final one of my Marines will wrap up the series. I’ve also just had word that another book was just contracted which is a little different to my romantic suspense I’ve been writing. It’s more of a fantasy type storyline titles The Cottage by the Lake, so that will be something different!

Anything you’d like your American audience to know?

Hopefully one day soon, my publisher will sell the overseas rights so that I can share my other books with people outside Australia and New Zealand! Keep an eye out for Karly Lane books!   (We look forward to that day!!!)

Thank you so much for your time, Karly!  Her books are available for purchase on  For more information, follow her blog at .  You can also follow her on Twitter @karlylane, “like” her on Facebook, and find her on Goodreads.


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