Southern Creatives: Guest Post – Rhonda Dennis

Thank you for hosting me on your blog today, Melinda!


Why South Louisiana?

Guest post by Rhonda Dennis, author of the Green Bayou Series

Before I had a plot and characters, I knew that I wanted my series to take place in South Louisiana.  Sure I might be prejudiced because it’s where I’m from, but in actuality, it goes much deeper than that.  I’ve traveled the United States and Mexico.  I’ve shivered atop snow-capped mountains and sweltered in the arid desert.  I’ve tanned (okay, burned) on sandy beaches and admired miles and miles of flat farm land.   Though there is no doubt that these areas are indeed beautiful, they don’t offer the qualities that are unique to my home state.

How mysterious and intriguing are the swamps and bayous of Louisiana?  The dark, alluvial waters hold countless secrets from days of yore.  The waterways were/are the essence of who we are.  We live along them, on them, and…

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About greenbayounovels

I am the author of The Green Bayou Novels Series. My books are based around Paramedic Emily Boudreaux and follow her return to small town life in South Louisiana. The books offer a little something for everybody: romance, adventure, suspense, comedy, and drama.
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